How Much is your Hot Water Pressure Washer costing you ?

Is your Hot Water Pressure Washer Obsolete ?



With the rising cost of heating fuel and the major concerns regarding our environment, make the right choice. Go GREEN!  Aaladin Cleaning Systems new innovative eco-green pressure washers are doing their part in saving our planet one pressure washer at a time. Call today and start reducing your carbon footprint.
Let us give you an idea of what it costs you to run your old and outdated pressure washer. Hot water pressure washers are rated by the amount of fuel energy when running. This is called input BTU's (British Thermal Units).

The average hot water pressure washer is 4 gallons per minute at 2000 - 3000 PSI and uses 360,000 BTU per hour. To put things into perpective, the average home furnace is about 90,000 BTU's. This means that the average hot water pressure washer consumes FOUR times the energy of the average home.  

Hot water pressure washers typically have a stack temperature of 650 - 800°F coming off the top of the burner and is 60% to 70% efficient.  This makes your 360,000 BTU pressure washer actually only use approximately 216,000-252,000 BTU efficiently.  The rest of the heat is dispensed up through the stack as wasted energy! 

You can clearly see this is an inefficient way of heating water.