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High Pressure Solutions works with the most respectable leading experts in our industry, not only to produce quality products, but also to utilize an integrated team of specialist to educate the client, keep cost down and deliver more value.

One product in particular from our supplier is Velosan. We’ve been offering Velosan to our customers for years and it’s proven effective in the past. It’s now listed on the government of Canada’s website for helping to treat, prevent, and remove COVID-19 on surfaces. Please call for more information. 


HPS is grateful to work with such a large group of knowledgeable experts, who in turn allow us to develop new technology, innovative cleaning systems and stay on top of our industries growth.

An innovative team of experts can help save you time, money and headaches by simply providing the proper solutions. We take pride knowing we are distributing the industries leading commercial and industrial cleaning products throughout Western Canada and worldwide.

We believe that family driven businesses take more pride in their work and a large number of our suppliers share this same belief. From our smaller suppliers to well known suppliers like Aaladin, Mosmatic and Powerjet, we share a similar family based business either passed down by generation or by still having multiple family members actively involved today. This allows us to learn more about our suppliers and build a much more personal relationship.

Aaladin believes that quality was the rock on which their company was built. In 1981 it’s founders decided to form a company to produce “high pressure” cleaning equipment. Aaladin decided they were going to build the best quality cleaning equipment possible and change the image of this industry. Aaladin’s products are manufactured in South Dakota, USA at their 91,000 square foot facility. This is where Aaladin is working to stay ahead of the competition by their innovation and pioneering so many of the features that other manufacturers have adopted in todays market.

Velocity Chemicals specializes in high-performance, industrial cleaning products for many demanding cleaning applications. Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in the distribution and manufacturing of chemical solutions across multiple industries. Our mission is to provide high-performance products and top-notch services to our customers that add value to their businesses. 

Mosmatic Corporation has experience and involvement in the pressure cleaning and car wash industries since 1978; this represents the foundation of their products and future development. Through constant improvements of the design, efficiency and longevity, they are the leaders in the car wash industry.

High Pressure Solutions offers only the best quality products from our trusted manufacturers and we are proud to represent the Western Canada region as your authorized Proceco distributor.

These are just a handful of the leading suppliers we work with in our industry and at High Pressure Solutions we are always looking for more innovative suppliers to partner up with to join our team of experts.