Management and Consultation

Management & Consultation

High Pressure Solutions initial consultation determines what are your cleaning challenges and how we can help. Whether you’re in need of knowledge, service or consultation our specialist takes the time to discuss what it is you are looking to achieve and what systems, detergents or equipment would best fit your cleaning requirements.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Applications & Equipment

High Pressure Solutions supplies the industries we serve with industrial hot and cold pressure washers, automatic parts washers, dry or wet steam cleaners, mosmatic equipment, ULV atomizing systems, rotary tank cleaners, hand held spray guns or compact fogging systems, decontamination carts and so much more.


Commercial & Industrial Services

High Pressure Solutions creates personalized cleaning systems to exceed your cleaning expectations. We provide you with the education required to make an informed decision.


Sanitation & Oxidation Requirements

We specialize in industrial, commercial and residential disinfecting solutions. Our products and systems are backed with the Canadian Government as the number one way to fight airborne and surface contamination.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance & Cleanliness

High Pressure Solutions utilizes their own experience to bring you the best cleaning detergents and sanitizers. We carry a full line of equipment and chemicals, each custom formulated to conquer your unique cleaning challenges.

Parts & Service

Protecting your investment means maintaining your equipment. To extend the life of your equipment it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. See our 24 point inspection to protect your equipment.