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High Pressure Solutions can assist in determining the right products, sanitizers and equipment that will help bring your facilities, back to safety. Cleaning and sanitizing has never been as important as it is today. Let’s bring these hard times to end as quickly as possible.

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What We Offer

what we doHigh Pressure Solutions offers superior cleaning equipment such as hot water pressure washers, solvent-free automatic parts washers, and custom cleaning systems like steam trucks and mobile wash systems. Our konwledge and expertise comes from our combined 65 years experience in the industrial cleaning industry. Please take comfort in the expertise of our company, and help us find the solutions to your cleaning concerns.

High Pressure Solutions caters to all industries but specializes in the food processing, commercial, industrial, manufacturing and mining industries.

Our process starts with an initial complimentary 15 mintue consultation from one of our cleaning experts. This consultation will help you discover what unique cleaning solutions are best for you and your business. Our specialist begins with determining what it is you are cleaning, how often you are cleaning it, where you are cleaning it and what type of system would best fit your cleaning requirements. 

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What We Believe

what-we-believeOur mission is to help combat the spread and flatten the curve of COVID19. We believe that everyone can make a difference. Our integrated team of cleaning consultants achieves superior results and are dedicated to finding a solution to your needs. High Pressure Solutions is dedicated to helping stop and prevent the spread of COVID19. 

  • Quality and performance will leave lasting impressions.
  • True value is measured in the quality and longevity of a product, not the price.
  • Keeping up with regular maintenance means less down time and more production time.
  • Cost-effective systems increase profitability and enhance your asset value.
  • Choosing the proper detergents and sanitizers can eliminate bacterai and viruses.
  • Family driven businesses take the most pride in their work.
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Our Suppliers


Velocity Chemicals Custom Cleaning Solutionslogo-waterite


High Pressure Solutions works with the most respectable leading experts in our industry, not only to produce quality products, but also to utilize an integrated team of specialist to educate the client, keep cost down and deliver more value.

One product in particular from our supplier is Velosan. We’ve been offering Velosan to our customers for years and it’s proven effective in the past. It’s now listed on the government of Canada’s website for helping to treat, prevent, and remove COVID-19 on surfaces. Please call for more information. 


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Where We Offer Services

Where we offer ServicesHigh Pressure Solutions provides cleaning consultation worldwide. We work with organizations and individuals all over the world. We specialize in custom cleaning systems and we strive to provide the best products, solutions, and experience as possible. We know that each and every customer has their unique cleaning needs and we cater to their requirements. 

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