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The commercial and industrial industries are planned for the purpose of development. They are considered the “heavyweight” version of a business.
Industrial cleaning differs from commercial cleaning with the types of tools and equipment needed for the job.
High Pressure Solutions creates personalized cleaning systems to exceed your cleaning expectations. We provide you with the education required to make an informed decision.
 Our cleaning systems help increase production and develop a proper cleaning process that is fast and efficient. We offer customizable systems for mobile wash trucks, pickup truck skids, trailer mounted systems and much more. Our comprehensive line of cleaning equipment is perfectly suited for the commercial and industrial industry and designed for industrial use to increase productivity and profitability leaving lasting impressions.
At High Pressure Solutions constantly strive to develop new technologies to better serve our customers and it shows with our vast line of products. Click the link below to receive a free 15 minute consultation with one of our cleaning specialists or visit our products page to find out how we can help with your cleaning requirements.
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It’s important to keep in mind that when selecting equipment you have the appropriate machine for the job at hand. From our past experiences, education, knowledge and hands on experience stand above all else. With over 45 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industrial cleaning industry we have the solutions to your needs. Our initial consultation determines what you are cleaning, how often you will be cleaning, what flows or pressure is required and whether or not hot/cold water is needed.
Determining the correct equipment will achieve consistent results and increase longevity, productivity and profitability for the end user.


The dilemma has always existed between hot versus cold pressure washers. Which leaves customers asking the question of which option is better for their application. A perfect example is washing dishes, everyone has washed a dish in their life and regardless of what may be on the dish hot water always does the trick. Using hot water can not only increase your productivity and profitability but also creates a safer and cleaner environment once cleaned. Hot water units range from 60°F right up to 300°F and with temperatures over 175°F bacteria can no longer survive on the surface, which also prevents future bacterial growth. Hot water aids in all cleaning applications like removal of molds, mildew, grease, oils, proteins, bitumen, mud, dirt and so much more.
Cold water on the other hand has many benefits as well. When using high pressure it is sometimes hard to see what it is you are cleaning. This is where cold water is beneficial to see what it is you are cleaning and minimize any operator error. Cold water units are also perfect for the residential home user as they require low maintenance and easier portability. However selecting the correct cold water pressure washer for your application is a whole new ball game.
High Pressure Solutions offers a comprehensive line of cleaning equipment perfectly suited for the commercial and industrial industry. Our systems are designed for industrial use to increase productivity and profitability. High Pressure Solutions systems are built to ensure performance and durability, leaving lasting impressions.
We constantly strive for new technologies to better serve our customers and it shows with our vast line of products. Consult with us today to achieve great results.
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