Hot Water Pressure Washers: PowerJet

PJO3636E-pump-view-340x340Commercial Hot Water Electric

These commercial hot water electric pressure washers were designed for commercial grade cleaning that is close to a power source.


PJO400G-K-CM-12-edit-340x340Commercial Hot Water Gas

These commercial hot water gas units were designed for commercial grade cleaning. Units with a 120 volt burner require a power source. Units with a 12 volt burner have a self-contained charging system.


PJO4003E-front-left-edit-340x340Industrial Hot Water Electric – Oil, LP & NG Fired

These industrial hot water units were designed for heavy industrial cleaning on a daily basis. These units are utilized by service shops, wash bays, large farming operations and many other heavy industrial users that require a heavy duty high pressure systems for their everyday cleaning needs. There are several different phases/voltages available as well as oil, propane and natural gas fired options.


PJ-Electrically-Heated-340x340Industrial Hot Water Fully Electrically Heated

These industrial fully electric units where designed for everyday continuous use. These machines do not require any venting and generate instant hot water. These units are utilized by mills, food plants, factories, ship yards, and refineries for their constant cleaning needs.