Where we offer our services

High Pressure Solutions offers the proper solutions for your unique cleaning systems. With over 60 years of combined hands on experience we have the correct solutions to your questions. With less down time and more production time in mind, HPS has the proper cleaning equipment and consultants to help keep your equipment in production. Our consultants take the time to troubleshoot your problem over the phone, which can reduce the cost of several service calls. Please feel free to discuss with us your cleaning systems or problems you may be experiencing and we will help to find the solutions to your concerns.

Service Technicians

High Pressure Solutions strives to provide the best service and equipment possible to enhance your cleaning techniques, so you can clean more effectively and efficiently. HPS provides the highest quality equipment so that You’ the user has the optimal performance with minimal down time.  Having your equipment serviced regularly will not only extend the life of the equipment but also allows you to reduce operating cost.  Proudly servicing the Western Canada region you can count on High Pressure Solutions for quality equipment, superior products and reliable service and maintenance.

On-Site Repairs

High Pressure Solutions has service technicians that will come to your location and troubleshoot your repair and get you back up and running with minimal down time. HPS service techs are highly qualified to repair not only our equipment, but also virtually all cleaning systems. We know that down time is costly and that getting the job done in pressing time frames is the best solution to keeping our loyal customers happy.

Service Centers

High Pressure Solutions service centers, allow you to bring your equipment to us to be diagnosed and repaired in perfect working condition. We take pride in the job at hand and understand how important you’re down time actually can be.  Preforming regular service on your pressure washer and other equipment will in turn save you money and time in the long haul, extending the life of your equipment.

Service Maintenance Plans

High Pressure Solutions offers regular service maintenance plans to make sure that your equipment is in perfect working conditions and to prevent future problems. We customize our plans to fit the customer needs whether you’re an everyday or monthly user; we have the right plan for you.

Questions & Concerns

Our staff is very knowledgeable in the cleaning industry and strives to provide the best information possible. Please feel free to contact our staff with any questions at all regarding your equipment.

Other Services

High Pressure Solutions not only services pressure washers but also provides superior custom cleaning systems to the demands of the customer’s. HPS is proud to say that we have over 60 combined years experience in cleaning virtually every surface and application. From high rise commercial buildings to plant sanitization to fleet washing we’ve done it all and are excited to share our knowledge with whom ever requires it. We specialized in custom cleaning installations whether it is a production factory, food plant, mobile truck or commercial building we install pressure washers to your requirment. Please visit our installation page for more information regarding this.

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